Granite Cracks – Why Wait for a Repair?

Ok, another article about granite crack repair! I promise this is new information. We have had several clients call with rusted rod cracks that are not large enough to break and extract the rod and may not even be large enough to perform our proprietary 1 year warranty injection method to recoat the rod with […]

Clearstone Marble Sealer Application and Care

Clearstone is a durable, long lasting, self leveling liquid coating that is applied to the counter and sanded to whatever shine the customers desires. In this case the highest natural looking shine attainable was what the customer wanted. The surface was carefully prepared to accept the coating by Sureshine, a licensed applicator if the Clearstone product. Once the coating was poured and applied and allowed to cure, it was refinished much like the stone to a high polish. The resulting finish will never etch or stain as long as the coating stays intact.

Granite Crack Repairs Explained

Granite Cracks Explained We receive several calls per week regarding cracks in the front and/or rear edge of under mount sinks. Occasionally there is a crack by a drop in sink as well but it is rare. It is rare because of the cause. Under mount sink rails are especially susceptible to these types of […]

Natural stone shower care and restoration made easy

It seems that all of this advice leaves clients with more questions than answers. Sureshine understands this confusion and has worked hard over the years to take the guess work out of your long term shower care. During your evaluation a skilled stone restoration expert will look at the problem areas and offer concrete ways to ensure that your shower will stay cleaner longer.

Travertine Honing and Polishing

Travertine Polishing and Sealing Here is an example of a travertine refinishing service in process. The floor was honed and the customer wanted a polish. Sureshine wet sanded the floor to a high shine. The floor was then polished and sealed. Call Sureshine at (714) 841-8300.       About the author: Ted is the […]

Ted McFadden Delivers Stone Restoration Standard at Coverings 2016

Sureshine is pleased to announce that I was asked to deliver the new Stone Restoration Standard to the world. This was a major project originally started by 30 and finished by less than 10 in three years. The new standard is 108 pages and replaces the old chapter in the Marble Institutes Design Manual that totaled a wopping eight pages. Some of the best stone restoration professionals in in the country were involved in this project.

Granite Counter Polishing and Repair

Granite Counter Polishing and Repair Granite has steadily become the surface of choice for stone counters. Granite is easy to clean, does not etch with acids, and if sealed properly will not stain. But there are times when when your granite surfaces need attention. Over time a heavily used granite counter space can become dulled […]

Honed Granite Absolute Granite Refinishing

Honed Absolute Granite Refinishing and Honing Recently, we refinished honed granite kitchen counters for a very good client. Though honed absolute black is a terrific counter top material that delivers years of useful life, it does tend to need service from time to time. We refinished all of the spots off the surface and deep […]